Why do I UBER?

I started UBER because I needed the money at first…

But I mean, who doesn’t? Or this could be a story of how I am a rich tycoon in disguise. At night I look for excitement after playing golf all day. I pick up George Mason students and surprise them with an all-paid night out with strippers and Hennessy.  At the end, I reveal that I am not just any ordinary UBER driver.

Well, sadly, no. This is not what it is about. Please do not go.

I was actually a financial and emotional wreck after leaving California.

My dreams seemed farther away than when I started in CA. College drained my funds, high-rent with jobs that barely paid, and relationships that broke my heart and spirits. I could not be there any longer on my own.

I had to go figure my shit out on my own. What was it that I wanted most in life?

The deep desire to travel and connect with people. 

It just seemed financially impossible to fly wherever I wanted! So I moved back home and decided that I was not getting any younger and my bucket list was only getting longer. I had to figure my shit out.

How could I visit the places I desire without selling all my possessions and organs? I decided after countless ads and word of mouth, that UBER might be my answer.
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Taco Bell Creep

This passenger was obviously drunk. He would slur his words and ask me my name and forget what he was asking me 5 seconds later. Or he had ADHD and the alcohol made it worse.

I can not really recall on all the details. It was after all, one of my first passengers when I was a fresh 5 star* Uber driver. What I do recall from that night was this middle aged drunk man who called for my driving services late at night. By the smell of alcohol and his drunk grin, he looked like he had a pretty good time. I mean, who parties at a random hotel in the suburbs of Chantilly? Apparently, this guy does.

I picked him up and he asks, “Do you like Taco Bell?” I responded as calmly as possible, “Fuck yeah I do.” Or I tried to anyways.


Those 7 layers burritos were always my downfall.

Literally, I drive in front of the hotel, through the Taco Bell drive-thru. He could of easily strolled through within a minute from where he was drinking!

As I pull up and he insists on me ordering something.

“Oh, dude. No, I was kidding. I am fine.” I cried deep down. Honestly, as a new driver and as a chick, I did not want to give him the wrong idea. Plus, I can get some on my way home after I drop him off.

But as I took him towards his home in Mclean and I heard him slurping his burrito, I could not help but wonder if I had made the right decision.

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